Dunia Elektrik

Welcome to Dunia Elektrik. We are a company that stood since 2010 engaged in industrial Power Cable, Power Plants, , Sakaphen, SEPAM. We were in Pasar Kenari Lama Blok AKS Lt 1 No.180. Discover the variety of our best products (Sepam 1000+ 40 series, Kabel, Terminating, Cable Lug, Sakaphen, Relay) with quality and the best price you can get.

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Pasar Kenari Lama Blok AKS Lt 1 No.180 Jakarta Pusat
Jakarta , Indonesia

Dunia Elektrik

Dunia Electric Is A Company Engaged In The Field Of Electrical Suppliers, Mechanical, Contractor, And Given The Importance Of The Need Of Power Tools For Humanity, So With This We Want To Help You To Get The Electrical Material Quickly And Easily, The Quality And Timeliness In Delivery Is Our Main Motto
* Transformer 20Kv
* Panel Mv, Lv,
* Terminating Kit, Jointing Kit ( Raychem, 3M, Cellpac)
* Cable ( Suprime, Trangka, Cable Metal, Kabelindo)
* Mcb, Mccb, Acb, Gcb, ( Mg, Abb, Ge, Aeg,
* Ct And Vt 20Kv - 150Kv. ( Sadtem, Trafindo, Mg)
* Installation



Sepam 1000+ 40 series,Kabel,Terminating,Cable Lug,Sakaphen,Relay